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I highly recommend this book!
Smith’s I Pledge Allegiance is an eye opening account of the United States of America’s dilemma with our homeless veterans. It is time for all of us to do some soul searching and provide solutions to help our nation’s bravest. This book provides facts, but more importantly, brings the characters to life. I felt their pain. I felt some guilt. Hopefully we can change this blight and finally do the right thing. I highly recommend this book.

By THOMAS B. MCMAHON “The Mailman” (ROCKAWAY, NJ USA) - May 2, 2009

A Wake Up Call
We all want to believe in the American dream but when we read Todd Smith’s story about homeless Vets we realize that our country has fallen far short in supporting this vision. I Pledge Allegiance is an important wake up call to a problem that needs immediate attention and the urging by all citizens to our leadership. Thank you Mr. Smith for creating a compelling story that unfortunately rings true.

By J. Rosen - February 16, 2009

I loved this book
I was impressed with the fact that Mr. SMith knows so much about our veterans based on his research, as well as his compassion as an American for these men and women. A thought provoking story with a wonderful message. I highly recommend this book for people of all ages.

By Joan M. Keen (Florida) - February 4, 2009

An eye opener
This book opened up my eyes and my mind. It exposed me to a situation and problem that I was never aware of, or perhaps was just too ignorant to see. Mr. Smith does an excellent job of describing what it may be like for many returning war veterans that have been forgotten and forced to living on our streets. The book shakes one into realizing the importance of paying respect, and to say “thank you” to those that have given so much of themselves for their country and those that are protected by them. And mostly, to voice this concern to those in government that need to correct this!

By K. Schmitt (Denville, NJ) - February 4, 2009

Healing Veterans
I liked the book and the message.From the book,”Thinking back, we all had the naivety of youth until we saw the realities of the world. I believed before I left the shores of America I was smarter than then I am now, with no wisdom to support the intelligence. Now i have no smarts to support the wisdom.Never once did I truly understand the horrors of war from my relatives stories. There were only stories of victort, never the price of victory.” ” I have learned bloodshed comes in many different forms. Sometimes a man bleeds from his body and other times from his soul. Sometimes the bloodshed from a man’s soul is far more painful than the bloodshed from his body.” The book is powerful and will pull up emotion and get you to think, and thats all anyone can ask for.Herb Palmer Jr author of ” The lobster and the chicken”

By Herbert H. Palmer Jr. “author The lobster and the chicken” (morristown, N.J.) - January 7, 2009

The Novel I Pledge Allegiance is such a powerful novel I was compelled to read it twice. I was never aware of the true depth of the homeless veteran problem in this country until I read Todd Smith’s book. Since reading the novel I will never look at a homeless person the same again, and have begun speaking to some of them in my home town. Upon finding out they were United States military veterans I have offered to take them to lunch and one did accept my invitation. This book should be read by everyone n America and be required reading for all High School students.!

Harry L., Tulsa, OK

As I read the book many thoughts went through my mind. I was able to put myself in the shoes of our patriots. The book brought me closer to the reality and seriousness of conditions that exist in the life of our very real heroes. EveryoneAmerican should read this book.

B. Williams, NJ

“I Pledge Allegiance”, is a must read book for every American!

The book holds your attention from beginning to end with its eloquent visualization, making the reader feel as though they themselves are part of the scene.

The book Honors those Veterans who have paid a price in defending this country called “The United States of America” and brings to reality that they continue to pay the price through homelessness, long after the tour of duty or war is long over. All of this while our Government forgets and our citizens become complacent and disrespectful of our Veterans.

The book is listed as a novel; however, I feel that it should be listed also as a textbook with required reading by high school students, so that they can understand how and at what great sacrifice it took for the freedoms that they enjoy.

The dialogue in the book presents itself as well formatted for a movie script. My major concern is that Hollywood would bastardize the content so bad that the true relevance of the book would be lost.

I enjoyed reading the book!

Job well done!

Ed Suhy, Retired US Navy, NJ


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